The name comes from a large circular well that we see nearby, next to the road traditionally called “Cañada del Pozo Nuevo”.


The name comes from a large circular well that we see nearby, next to the road that was traditionally called “Cañada del Pozo Nuevo”. The well and the lagoon are located at the entrance from Trujillo, where we have a leisure complex in which the central star is the lagoon. A place used by a multitude of living beings for refreshment, to be and to enjoy a beautiful environment. The well is of large dimensions, also made with large stones.
There must be a connection between the vein of water that fills the two and from the toponymy, the well must be more modern than the small lake. They occur very frequently throughout the environment.
Just before the first houses of the town, almost next to the road we see this beautiful natural lagoon, as an oasis between large roads, because on the other side, a few meters away we have the highway.
There is a stone walkway that surrounds the large pool, very well conditioned, you can observe the lagoon and the life that develops in it from all possible points of view. There are numerous trees that shade this route where we also find other paths to walk.
The ornithological and ecological richness is very important, since numerous living beings take advantage of the existence of permanent water throughout the year, although its levels vary with the seasons.
In these lagoons you can observe different birds, both aquatic and terrestrial. Some of the species that have been recorded are: mallard, teal, coot, little grebe, grey heron, little egret, little egret, white stork, black stork, red kite, kestrels, peregrine falcon, barn owl, hoopoe, barn swallow, black starling, Crested lark and goldfinch. These lagoons are places of interest for ornithology and nature tourism, if we want to make a good sighting we must move stealthily, interfering as little as possible with the environment.
In the surroundings was the Cruz del Calvario, a boundary cross that announced the imminent arrival to the village. Remains of a harrow are preserved in a nearby olive grove and several scattered stone arms. Some of these crosses were reused for the walls of the fences or to build the gates of the farms.
We also have a playground and large wooden tables with benches. Ideal for a walk, for a snack and also for the sighting and observation of animals that come to drink or fish, amphibians that move near the shore or a thirsty mammal. Everything is possible in places as special as this one.