The bridge over the Búrdalo River

It is located to the north, between the municipalities of Villamesías and Escurial, in the place of “Las Caballerías”. One of the best preserved bridges in the province of Cáceres, it crosses the Búrdalo River.

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It is a bridge of granite ashlar masonry and masonry of berroqueña stone, of straight plant and horizontal elevation with two vaults of average point, with cutwaters of triangular plant, with sombrerete, as much in the side upstream as downstream. The roadway is resolved with a cornice on which robust granite parapets are anchored, and even has gargoyles to facilitate the drainage of the roadway. In fact, one of the first names given to the town was “Villa de los Quince Puentes”. Some authors have considered it to be a Roman bridge, but according to existing documentation it dates the bridge to the last third of the 18th century. Built on the Camino Real from Madrid to Badajoz in the time of Charles III, executed within the improvement plan proposed by Rodriguez de Campomanes, first prosecutor of the Council, on May 4, 1778 and approved by the Royal Council on May 17 of the same year: “….This river seems to divide the Villamessía (party) and enters that of Escurial, which is another exempted town, where the land of Trujillo ends. It has no bridge and it is very necessary there, because it usually carries a lot of water and it is necessary to walk along the same river to continue on the road to Miajadas.