Fennel (Foenículum vulgare)

In gastronomy it is used as a condiment, in our area it is used a lot in the stew of olives. In addition, although it is not customary here, the tender sprouts can be eaten in salads. The infusion of crushed fruits (30-40gr/l) is good for eliminating gas as a stomach tonic. The infusion in milk is a good expectorant and is used for bronchitis, coughs, … the concentrated infusion of the fruits (70-80gr/l) is galactogenic and stimulates milk production.

Fennel wine is made by macerating 150 grams of fruit in 1 liter. of white wine for 10-15 days, serves as an excellent digestive tonic and aperitif.

In Villamesías we can find fennel quite easily in streets and enclosures, especially next to walls.


Fennel is rich in phytoestrogens, and is often used for colic, wind, irritable bowel, kidneys, spleen, liver, lungs, appetite suppression, breast enlargement, promotion of menstruation, improves the digestive system, milk flow and increase the flow of urine. Fennel is also commonly used to treat amenorrhea, angina, asthma, anxiety, depression, heartburn, water retention, blood pressure, increase libido, respiratory congestion, and cough and has been indicated for high blood pressure and to increase sexual desire.

Fennel is a useful addition to any of the breast enhancement herbs and has an impressive number of other health benefits.

Fennel is also commonly used to treat amenorrhea, angina pectoris, asthma, heartburn, high blood pressure and to increase sexual desire. Fennel is a mild appetite suppressant and is used to improve the kidneys, spleen, liver and lungs.

Fennel is an effective treatment for respiratory congestion and is a common ingredient in cough remedies.

It is also used for cancer patients after radiation and chemotherapy treatments to help rebuild the digestive system. Fennel relaxes the smooth muscle that lines the digestive tract (making it an antispasmodic). It also helps to expel gases.

It is a proven remedy for gas, heartburn, gout, cramps, colic and spasms. Fennel seed plant and made into tea is believed to be good for snake bites, insect bites or food poisoning. Excellent for obesity. Urine flow is increased. It is gargled for hoarseness and sore throat.


Warming, carminative (an aromatic that tends to expel air from the digestive tract, or to relieve colic, whining, or flatulence), antispasmodic, antidepressant, promotes milk flow in nursing mothers, stomachic, pectoral, diuretic, anti diaphoretic, aromatic, -microbial, reducing pain, reducing fever.


Colic, Windy, irritable bowel, increase urine flow, breast enlargement, promotes menstruation, improves digestive system, improves milk flow, anxiety, depression, arthritis, water retention, appetite suppressant, amenorrhea, angina, asthma, heartburn, low blood pressure, increased libido, respiratory congestion, cough.