Wild Products Day

It is celebrated on Holy Saturday. It has been sixteen years that this day has been carried out, which began only as gratitude for so many people who for various reasons had to emigrate, leave their people, to other places, and come to spend the days of Easter to his people, collecting those products that are produced in the term, and touring those fields for those who walked as children.


The programmed events begin early in the morning with a hiking route to collect the products, then in the Plaza there is a tasting contest of dishes made with these products, workshops of traditional games, tombola and exhibitions of “Grandma’s work”. The event includes a series of activities: “Protected natural areas”, “wild products”, talks, and other sports and cultural activities, dish contests, all prepared with local wild products and local pitarra wine. To finish with a tasting of asparagus soup and rice with asparagus. These events have been made possible over the years thanks to the participation of the associations and the City Council.